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Reliable Recall: Some Rules to Teaching Your Dog to Come When Called

Coming when called is perhaps the most important thing your dog can learn.  It can mean the difference between being lost forever, getting into a road and hit, or just generally making you pull your hair out with worry. There … Continue reading

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A New Puppy For Christmas

What could be better than opening a wiggly box of puppy happiness on Christmas morning?  Not much if you were in the market for a puppy, and the one in the box is exactly what works best in your household.  … Continue reading

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Beating a Dead Zebra – Final Note

The apparent success of punishment can be convincing.  Punishing will often result in an end to a behavior.  It may also result in the temporary suppression of a behavior.  At least, as long as the one doling out the punishment … Continue reading

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Crossing Over

I thought it wise to take a break from my current series to explain something about my training methods for those of you who have known me for a long time.  I am what they call a “crossover trainer”.  What … Continue reading

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Beating a Dead Zebra – Part 5

Learned helplessness occurs when an animal/human finds their situation so out of their control, they eventually stop trying to change or escape it.  This is the reason that humans stay in abusive relationships, and it happens when punishment is used … Continue reading

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