Happy Hound Pet Services is a locally owned, dog friendly dog training and behavioral modification company located in Northwest Arkansas.

Dawn Sims, (former CPDT-KA), ABCDT is our head trainer.  Dawn’s interest in training dogs began in 1997 with her beagle, Ru.  In 2008 she opened Happy Hound Pet Services to teach people a better way to relate to their four legged family members.

Dawn is a graduate of Animal Behavior College, a one year program that teaches people how to train professionally.  Dawn was also certified by the CCPDT (ccpdt.com), a nationally recognized organization that requires proof of extensive knowledge in training and behavior.  The CPDT-KA is held by many of the nations leading trainers, speakers and authors on the subject of behavior, and Dawn is honored to have shared that distinction with the great names in dog behavior.

Dawn loves to work with all dogs, and is always delighted to see dogs learn basic manners and go from “wild thing” to “respectful” member of the family.  She also works with troubled dogs and rescues, and has an extensive knowledge of how to address stress related symptoms like aggression and fearfulness.


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